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Anonyme: I want to get a doll, but its my first time getting one and I have a (extremely) tight price range. Is there a good doll brand I can get for super cheap (i.e. around $100)? I would generally want one of a smaller size.




Oh awesome! 

Here’s a list I copied from Denofangels with dolls from SD to Tiny, with the price range of > $300! Companies will also do various events in a year (new year, summer, winter, etc) and some of them offer discounts/free doll heads so that’s something to keep in mind as well!

I hope you can get one soon!
Feel free to ask more questions! I’ll be happy to help! ^___^

(Oh followers of mine, if you know of any more dolls around the price range of $100 or any helpful advice, please kindly reply to this post and help an interested anon out! :)

65-70cm Dolls [Hound Size]

50-64cm Dolls (1/3)

40-50cm dolls (1/4 size)

20cm-30cm dolls (1/6 size)

16cm (1/12 size)

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helpful info! but also not presented here is Dollmore! they have a few lines of dolls 

a ton of their their 1/4 1/6 dolls go for under 300$ unless limited edition

and there is also the 1/12 banjis that go from 138 and up

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